Artist thoughts…..


There comes days you feel tired and upset with your art. You feel like you need to reform and find completely new ideas, become better and stand out as different form others and have a great story. Which is difficult these days. Competition is  hard. It becomes even harder when doing art is not something you could spent hours daily, because you need to work where you earn your monthly salary.  Being an artist is economically insecure.  Working like I do, as ICT  project manager it takes a lot of energy and the idea of jumping in your car and driving to your atelier after a hard working day, sounds time to time exhausted. Still, I want as much as possible, to find energy and time to go painting, learn and become better artist. Maybe find the new me as an artist and relax in other way. The RA’s (Royal Academy) Artistic Director  Tim Marlow, “he’s advice to young artist is, don’t look to get noticed, look to make the best art you can and get your art shown. ”

Art gives me the vibes and makes me realize that I’m never ready and there is always a lot that you need to learn. It challenges me. Nothing easy isn’t for me. Not even in my daily job. ICT has given me enough challenges over my 30 years career along with my art “career” almost that long period. Also the fact, that they are so different compared to each other, it gives great possibilities to reset your mind from one another.

What is important after your working day and going to your atelier, is that you need some relaxing music. It gives me the inspiration and helps me to drown into my imagination and find the painting ideas, if I don’t already have. I also like to paint something and someone’s ideas, just to learn something new or from certain area that I think I need repetition. Like works of great artists form Louvre and copying them in my style. I realize how I can execute certain methods, lights or dimensions and what most, when you concentrate, you truly get rid of everything else. This skill is important to your everyday life. Must say that my lifestyle with all these schedules has taught me to become better as project manager, I believe.

So learning is my way to challenge me everyday. Important also is that you read a lot. That opens you the world of thousends of stories which takes you again to another world and propably brings you new painting ideas.

Some great artist says, that you can be good artist but never great if you don’t give everything to it. I give a lot but I understand that become very successful it needs sacrifices. Maybe find the new me as an artist. Anselm Kiefer, one of my favorite artists went to law school but then he thought he want to become a great artist. Which he says, that he would never use that word “great” anymore. He quit the law school and became a succesful artist as a Berliner who has lived in the middle of the ruins of the war. The view of the ruins has given him his style and atmosphere to his excellent and influential art using a lot of materials in his artworks. So what is great artist? How you become great? That is another  interesting question and maybe another subject later.

The model of this painting is in Louvre






















Art idea! Where comes the ideas? Do you wait the next inspiration?

Questions that’s been often asked. First off all, we were taught in art school that artist can’t wait the next inspiration. That might not come easy if you just wait. What about the ideas? You are an artist and often considered, supposed to be creative and have an incredible imagination. If you have a good day, that might just happend. Having discussions with other artist, the way differs. Some get the ideas from the nature, some going to the art exhibitions, from music or just paint their memories.

“One indispensable tool to employ when you are searching for ideas and inspiration is the sketchbook. The sketchbook is an essential commitment and the ultimate resource for every artist. You should be continually on a constant hunt for ideas.” Huffington post That’s what we were taught that carry always a sketchbook and what most draw and draw. Watch movies, travel, go to museums, read papers, magazines,watch news, anything.

Visualise your life, your experience or escape the reality, to make surrealistic world or live in a dream and make a piece of art to others so that they can escape too.

Art is!









Doing art is lonely thing to do but when you work for example as ICT pro you work a lot with other people. Mainly with others. If you mirror this fact, it is not weird at all to go and find a place to be alone or just clear your mind.

I had a chat with one of my new colleague, who is playing in a heavy metal band, which actually have their third album coming soon. We came to the same conclusion that there are many at our sector, who has this strong emotion of doing art or culture like music, painting etc. The fact is that, it is a must to have something to escape the “real-ordinary world”. It is the way to forget the work. It is a the way to balance your stress hormones. As long as your stress is well balanced, it is good for you. It activates your brain.

It is sort of a clichee that ICT and art could not go hand in hand. I mean the type of a person couldn’t possibly do both. People are categorized traditionally as engineers and artist and this is something that is not possible to be in a same person. Anyway art history also proves the fact of multifaceted artist like Salvador Dali, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci. They are the top of this genre and geniouses but anyway. Our brains are complex organ, and it is natural that it uses it’s capacity in different methods to nourish ones soul.

The picture above is a picture in a picture that nourrishes ones soul perhaps in many ways. Art is a way to make your thoughts visible.